It keeps getting Better Together. Zoku and Parade present…

And we're back! Join our next edition on March 19th & 20th

Following all RIVM measures and recent government safety guidelines, we’re excited to bring back the next chapter of our series to hallways of Zoku this March. Get your ticket while there’s still some left!

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Night at the Parade

Still reminiscing about the Parade from last year? We are too! Since we need a bit of fun now more than ever, we’ve teamed up with Parade, under the name “De Parade Gaat Door”, to bring the theater festival you love to the hallways of Zoku.

So what’s happening? It’s time to get cultured. In collaboration with the largest theater festival in the Netherlands, you can experience an overnight Loft series that includes hallway Parade theater performances (both safely in-person and via Zoom), delicious food and drinks, a Silent Disco distant dance hour, and an overnight stay – all from within your own private Zoku Loft!

“This is really the best kept secret in Amsterdam. The food is delicious and it’s so nice to see the chefs working while you are sitting there. The people are just lovely. So interested, kind, and caring.”
Femke L.

"Zó creatief zijn Nederlandse hotels in coronatijd."


"Het Paradegevoel blijft in leven door een feestelijke hotelovernachting omlijst met theatrale verstrooiing op de gang."


"Festival in coronatijd: silent disco via Zoom en dans in een hotelgang."

How does it work?

We can’t fit the famous Parade carousel within the halls of Zoku (trust us, we’ve tried!), but we can bring everything else. All you have to do is kick back, relax, and show up ready to have fun. Here’s the lowdown:

  • After receiving an introduction from the Parade via Zoom, there will be hallway performances by talented Parade artists. With benches placed in the doorframe of your Loft, you’ll be all set to watch the acts perform live at a safe 1,5m distance from your friends and neighbors.
  • Knock knock! Throughout the evening, we’ll have the famous Parade hosts, “De Snoepmeisjes” stop by from as safe distance to guide you through what’s to come so you don’t miss anything.
  • Feeling like a Top Chef? Get ready to show off your cooking skills. A 3-course DIY menu, curated by Parade chef Merijn van Berlo, will be all set and ready for you to prepare from right inside your Loft. Don’t worry – it’s easy and Merijn will virtually show you how!
  • So you can keep up the party vibes safely from your Loft, you’ll also receive an exclusive Parade themed wine from Grapedistrict and a fun and (virtually) interactive Silent Disco.

Available for 2 nights only, get ready to join us on Friday 19 March or Saturday 20 March, starting at just €162 p.p. (based on 2 person occupancy per Zoku Loft). You won’t want to miss it!

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Better Together, still safer than ever

Although large public events can no longer take place, we feel that now more than ever, it’s important to be able to connect and have some lighthearted fun – all while of course staying totally safe and upholding all the latest safety measures. In collaboration with our favorite local restaurateurs and entertainment partners, we’re creating this overnight Loft series so you can still enjoy a safe night out in a social setting.

Watch how we keep you safe

Get to know the performers


Stan Vreeken

Stan Vreeken is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and actor from Amsterdam. With his artisan songs and his delicate lyrics, he often manages to handle major themes in a light-hearted and gentle manner. This year, Stan would be at the festival with LONESOME GEORGE - about the last specimens of extinct animal species. His debut album is also expected next year!


Stan Vreeken



LucyONES is a dance collective with Wies Berkhout, Kenneth Gérard, Noëmi Wagner & Stephan Bikker. They use the body as a means of narration and rely on the audience’s imagination. You can expect a powerful dance performance in which everything is shown and where freedom takes over from expectations.



What's Included

Celebrate good times, c’mon!  You can experience a safe and overnight theater festival experience that includes:


Overnight stay
in a Loft

Have a unique experience and stay the night all in your very own award-winning Loft. Reinvented into your own mini Parade tent, it's the perfect place to place to cook, dine, watch the performers and rest your head afterwards.


Visit from the "Snoepmeisjes”

It wouldn't be the Parade without the "Snoepmeisjes”. Hear a knock on the door? They'll be around all night to bring the Parade to you and help guide you through the evening's events and entertainment!


Entertainment from
Parade artists

Introducing your very own hallway concert! Local & talented artists will perform right from the halls of your Loft floor. Watch live performances from talented Parade performers all from the safety of your doorframe.


DIY 3-course menu
from Merijn van Berlo

Show off your cooking skills and prepare a delicious 3-course meal curated by chef of Parade restaurant La Cantine: Merijn van Berlo, who’ll guide you through the experience with smart, simple cooking videos.


Parade wine from Grape District

Parade teamed up with Grape District to bring you an exclusive bottle of Parade themed wine. With every opened bottle WeForest plants a tree! Is there ever a better moment to create a forest from drinking wine?



Ready to hit the dance floor in your very own Zoku Loft? We're bringing festival vibes straight to your Loft with a Silent Disco (distanced) dance hour hosted by the Parade and Silent Disco International.

Coffee copy

cocktail trolley

Get ready to make a toast to a good night out - and enjoy some drinks while you're at it! Experience 2 complimentary cocktails during your stay, all from the comfort of your very own Zoku Loft.

Our Partners

Night at the Parade


Night at the Parade

Merijn van Berlo

Night at the Parade

Silent Disco

Night at the Parade

Damrak Gin

Night at the Parade

Thomas Henry

Ready to experience the Parade at Zoku?

Experience this mini theater festival – including a Loft sleepover –
starting at just €162 per person. Available for 2 nights only, so book now!

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New to Zoku?


You could call Zoku a re-invented apartment hotel – in fact – Zoku creates a new category in the hotel industry: a home-office hybrid, which is a relaxed place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people while getting wired into the city.

Unlike standard hotel rooms where the bed takes up most of the room, our innovative Lofts function like a real apartment. They have a raised (and super comfy) bed so you can spend time in your room, have enough space to move around, and actually feel comfortable having a dinner party – just like you would at home!

Each Loft is private, sleeps two, and contains a full living room, kitchen, bathroom and a big kitchen table. You can even personalize your space by choosing your favorite artwork to hang on the walls and inspire you during your stay.

Night at the Parade

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Night at the Parade

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Night at the Parade

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Night at the Parade

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Night at the Parade

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New to Parade?


Theater festival Parade is the only traveling theater festival in the Netherlands. Normally during summer months, there are about 80 different theater, dance, mime and music performances for young and old. These last on average of about 30 minutes, so you can easily see two, three or even four performances during your visit. Despite the fact that the Parade was unable to open its gates this summer, you can still enjoy the Parade atmosphere in a new location. Under the motto “De Parade goat door”, various events were initiated, including delightful Parade evenings in Zaal 3 (The Hague), Paradiso (Amsterdam) and the Parktheater (Eindhoven). Now the Parade is bringing a special program with two shows, a dinner and Silent Disco to Zoku on 21 November.


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Night at the Parade