Let us help you make 2021 the best year yet. The Core x Zoku present…

The Inner Journey Retreat

Your Essential Reset into 2021

Introduce 2021 to a new you. Nothing is worth more than your inner peace. Set yourself up for success in 2021 by taking a break, detoxing and showing yourself some self-care. Start the new year on the right page, with yourself in mind. You are worth it.

So what’s happening? Join The Core x Zoku as you tune into tranquility, calm and happiness. We will take you through a variety of activities and workshops designed to make you discover your soul during a 3 day urban retreat. You’ll be sure to turn on the magic of wellness, detox and self-care and create a positive mindset along the way. There’s no better way to take on the rest of 2021 than with gathering a clear outlook and positive energy.

Wondering what you can expect? You can experience a 3 day all-inclusive retreat led by the talented Dr. Louise Lagendijk: holistic women’s doctor, integrative medicine specialist, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and founder of The Core. Alongside an intimate group of 24 women, you will be fully immersed in yoga, mediations, interactive sessions, and integrative wellness teachings – while resting head for the night in your very own Zoku Loft. All sessions will be tailored to your individual goals and each day has a new theme to align your focus. These include:

  • Day 1: Recharge
    Letting go of what is no longer needed
  • Day 2: Reimagine
    (Re)discovering your alignment for 2021
  • Day 3: Revive
    Tools to integrate mind, body and soul in daily life

COVID-19 Update: It’s not goodbye, but see you later. Due to updated government regulations, our January retreat has been postponed until further notice. Subscribe to our waitlist below to be the first to know when we announce the new dates for the retreat!

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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.”

Better Together, still safer than ever

Although large public events can no longer take place, we feel that now more than ever, it’s important to be able to connect and have some lighthearted fun – all while of course staying totally safe and upholding all the latest safety measures. In collaboration with our favorite brands and wellness partners, we’re creating this overnight Loft series so you can still enjoy a long weekend away in an inspiring setting.

What's Included

Give yourself the gift of your best year so far. You can experience a 3 day overnight retreat at Zoku that includes:

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3 day all-inclusive program

End January on a good note. Take part in a 3 day, fully immersive program led by Dr. Louise Lagendijk and her team from The Core.


2 night stay
in a Loft

Stay overnight in an award-winning Loft. Reinvented into your own tranquil space, it's perfect for reflection and to rest your head.


Exclusive group of
24 women

We're better when we're together. Although you'll have individual activities, you'll join a group of 24 other women to take part in this adventure.

Meal copy

Healthy and
delicious meals

Enjoy complimentary and healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the entire experience - exclusively curated by Nourish Atelier.

Coffee copy

Yummy snacks
and hot tea

Get a boost and recharge with a full stomach. You'll receive morning and afternoon snacks every day and free flow of tea to warm your spirits.

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Morning and evening yoga classes

Tune in with your body and your mind with yoga sessions each day of your stay. You'll either have a morning or evening class to attend depending on the day.

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Self-reflective interactive sessions

With a different theme each day, you'll take part in inspiring conversations and break-out sessions to promote personal growth and allow for self-reflection.

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Goodie bag by
local partners

Celebrate your accomplishments and take some self-care home with you. Receive an insanely good goodie bag with items from our local partners.

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Ready to treat yourself in 2021?

Experience this all-inclusive 3 day retreat  –
starting at €730.

New to Zoku?


You could call Zoku a re-invented apartment hotel – in fact – Zoku creates a new category in the hotel industry: a home-office hybrid, which is a relaxed place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people while getting wired into the city.

Unlike standard hotel rooms where the bed takes up most of the room, our innovative Lofts function like a real apartment. They have a raised (and super comfy) bed so you can spend time in your room, have enough space to move around, and actually feel comfortable having a dinner party – just like you would at home!

Each Loft is private, sleeps two, and contains a full living room, kitchen, bathroom and a big kitchen table. You can even personalize your space by choosing your favorite artwork to hang on the walls and inspire you during your stay.


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New to The Core?

Core[noun]: /kɔː/ The part of something that is central to it’s existence or character. The heart, nucleus, quintessence, crux, body, basis

The Core Women Care was founded by dr. Louise Lagendijk- medical doctor with a deep passion for what makes women healthy- body, mind and soul. She created The Core to bring women together, share with them ‘what women must know to live their best lives’ and reconnect them back to their inner wisdom. Connecting the dots where Soul and Science meet.

The Core aims to educate women on how their bodies and minds work, while inspiring them to take tremendous care of themselves. They focus on the health and wellbeing of women to live a life that is balanced, joyful and in touch with who they truly are. This is because they believe we can be the working woman, caring mother, health freak, loving friend and the social enthusiast – all at the same time. We just need some support, and that’s where we come in.

Have a Question?

We’re happy to answer it for you! Contact us via email to helloamsterdam@livezoku.com or phone +31 20 811 2 811 and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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The Nitty Gritty

  • COVID-19 Update: Although large public events can no longer take place, we feel that now more than ever, it’s important to be able to connect and have some lighthearted fun – all while of course staying totally safe and upholding all the latest safety measures. You can read our full COVID-19 safety guide here.
  • Check-In & Check-Out: Please keep in mind that you can check-in at 10am on Friday and check-out at 6pm on Sunday.
  • City Tax: Please note that the price excludes Amsterdam’s mandatory city tax of 7% and €3,00 per person, per day. If you are a registered resident, city tax charges will be waived.
  • Disclaimer: To ensure we can create the most enjoyable evening for you, we need a minimum number of people to join us. In the unlikely event that we do not reach this number, we will let you know latest Tuesday prior to the event if we need to cancel.
  • Refunds: Your ticket can be canceled and refunded up until 1 week before the event. Within 1 week, no refunds are accepted.
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The Inner Journey Retreat at Zoku