Global Rollout

Zoku will be located in the world’s biggest and most creative cities, where they will be imbedded in, or near, the cool, interesting neighborhoods everyone’s talking about. We’ll be within cuddling distance of culture, entertainment, shops, entrepreneurship, start-ups, creative industry, etc. We’ll always be easy to reach.

Zoku opens its first location in 2016 in Amsterdam’s city center. Backed by our Dutch private equity partners, Zoku plans an global rollout of hotels that we will run ourselves. As we’re an ambitious bunch, we want to open at least five new locations with a total of around 750 Zoku Lofts as soon as possible to start with. Our aim is to create an offline social network of Zoku’s.  Do you think there should be a Zoku in your city? Do you have a specific building/location in mind? Tip us here!

As the first stage in our plan towards world domination, Zoku is focused on creative European cities (London, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona, Vienna, Copenhagen, etc.) before turning our attention to similar cities around the globe.

How are we achieving this?

Zoku aims to create a global community of like-minded individuals and provide an offline environment in which they can thrive. While creating this network of Zokus around the world, we would love you to be our eyes and ears.

In order to become a global brand, we are constantly looking for the best locations in the best cities. And who better to tell us than the locals living in those cities. Do you think there should be a Zoku in your city?

If you submit a potential property that is perfect for Zoku, we believe that this is worth more than just a high-five. For this, we have set up a transparent reward system for everybody who wants the best for Zoku. Please get in touch if you think you could partner with us in possible development opportunities. As Zoku’s aspirations of global expansion stretch way beyond European borders, suggestions outside of Europe are also welcome.

Please get in touch with us at:

Rollout Reward Table

The rules of the game

    • The reward structure is applicable to everyone that can lead us to a cool development opportunity (yes, that could be YOU!);
    • Every time Zoku gets a step further in the development process of that location because of your input, you will be rewarded accordingly (see steps above), at Zoku’s discretion;
    • Only one person can claim the reward and it cannot be transferred;
    • You have to claim your opportunity/lead upfront, not in hindsight;
    • No double-dipping: do not expect a second fee from us if you are already getting one from the owner;
    • If the final number of Zoku Lofts changes throughout the process, we will get back to you and reward you accordingly;
    • No retainers will be paid upfront;
    • The reward is subjected to Dutch tax legislations;
    • The reward structure is subject to change by Zoku without prior notice.

Are you a property owner or do you have a location in mind?

Our rollout details, wishlist & criteria


Founding philosophy

Zoku re-invents the apartment hotel. Guest-centric design, efficient use of space, and value innovation are Zoku’s fundaments and together it’s these fundaments what makes us special:

  • Creating additional value by offering a social structure and strong lifestyle focus in a traditionally non-social segment;
  • Zoku’s re-definition of space outperforms existing offerings in the apartment hotel and serviced apartment sector;
  • In addition to greenfield locations for new built, flexible, industrialized smart lofts allow the conversion of existing office space.;
  • Attractive proposition which outperforms the existing products in the segment; alternative use of smart lofts as residential.

Value proposition for property owners

Zoku will establish and operate the hotels with our own team. With our strong focus on social structure and lifestyle, we are creating more relevance – and therefore value.  Zoku’s experienced development team is ready to evaluate, assess, co-develop and even support the development process. Because of the long-stay nature of the business model, Zoku is able to generate steady cash flows and yield attractive returns for property owners. Ready for some win-win?

What are we looking for?

At Zoku we are flexible and can work with the following types of projects:

  • Conversions of existing buildings
  • New building sites or clearable sites
  • Mixed-use developments

We are open to closing fixed long-term lease contracts (ideally, with a variable component to align interests) or management agreements. We are also open to other options. Whatever the scenario, the hotels will be operated by Zoku’s operational team.

Zoku is interested in co-development and/or co-investment and likes to work with local partners. Our team will be intensively involved throughout the development process to ensure that the hotels are delivered in compliance with our brand standards and ready to be wired into the city of choice.

A few essential elements we keep in mind when choosing a location:

  • Lively creative neighborhood in an inner-city context, with a suitable mix of entertainment, residential and business
  • Good access by public transport and car
  • Hotel zoning (possibility)
  • GFA 2,000 – 8,000m2 (22,000 – 88,000 sq. ft.)
  • GFA per unit around 42 – 47 m2 (for existing buildings, depending on the building)
  • GFA per unit around 38 – 42 m2 (for greenfield locations, depending on the plot)

Where are we already?

The first Zoku is currently being opened in Amsterdam’s city center, in the eastern part of the Canal District. The location is only minutes away from Rembrandt Square, Dam Square and Rijksmuseum.

First phase: Europe, where do we want to be?

Below are a few examples of our favorite cities that score high in international head offices, startup ecosystems, creative industries, innovation and international residents:

London • Berlin • Paris • Barcelona • Vienna • Hamburg • Copenhagen • Amsterdam (2nd)

Of course, this doesn’t mean that other cities aren’t on our radar. So please don’t hesitate to upload your recommendations.

Second phase: World.

Amsterdam (2nd) ŸŸ• London • Barcelona • Berlin • Paris • Hamburg • Vienna • Copenhagen • Zurich • Frankfurt • Istanbul • New York • San Francisco • Los Angeles • Chicago • Capetown • New Delhi • Melbourne • Rio de Janeiro • Buenos Aires • Hong Kong • Shanghai • Tokyo

What does it actually look like?

For the actual look and feel of the Loft, please check our gallery or click here. For all developers, investors, property owners or any other interested readers, please find our typical floor layout below.

Zoku is a flexible industrialized concept, allowing the unit to be integrated in buildings of different size. We have several types of units (also referred to as ‘Zoku Lofts’) with net surfaces of around 25m2. Typically, the Zoku 1 Loft is 5.10m by 5.10m; the Zoku 2 Loft is 3.60m by 7.50m; the Zoku 3 Loft is 4.66m by 5.20m. This means that the minimum grid size is 3.60m. Those sizes are minimum sizes and can be slightly adjusted to the actual building. All room types have been designed to likely fit existing building structures and dimensions. The combination of three Zoku Loft types (and possible extension thereof) in one building allows for maximum use and minimum footprint.

Any questions?

For requesting further information or clarifications, please e-mail us at